How can I upgrade to the BUTE Loudness Suite?

Have you bought one of our BUTE plugins and want to get the full suite? We are now offering an easy upgrade path to the BUTE Loudness Suite 2 for all existing BUTE users!

How can I get the upgrade discount to get the BUTE Loudness Suite 2?

If you have bought a BUTE product from us before (BUTE Limiter 2, BUTE Loudness Analyser 2 or BUTE Loudness Normaliser), an automatic discount will now be applied to the BUTE Loudness Suite 2 on our website for the equivalent value of your original purchase.

I bought more than one BUTE product, can I get an extra upgrade discount?

Absolutely. If you have bought more than one product and wish to upgrade we would be happy to offer an additional discount. If this applies to you, get in touch with


Please note that you must be logged in to your account in order for the discount to be applied.

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